Ballpoint Pen, Pencil, Marker & Digital Art

I am a reflection. I am a Dark Lightworker, I am an angel. I’m a hybrid human/creature/alien thing; artist guy, a freelance mindblower with freek tendencies and a laugh infectious. I am reconciled to the little boy inside me that never wants to be hurt again. I am reconciled to the warrior animal inside me that wants to cause hurt for all the times it’s been hurt, or seen hurt. I am a complete puzzle with unattached pieces. I am a lacuna filler. I am a song, living as a poem clothed in flesh brown and labeled Badass. I am a fierce, compassionate, willful, open, sometimes selfish, giving, caring, deeply feeling, channel. I am in love, and of love, and through love
I. work. majik.

Fantasy Couple Micah BlackLight
Kali Evocation Micah Blacklight
Sena Devi Micah BlackLight
Techno Nubian Micah BlackLight
The Alien Siren Micah Blacklight
Vogueing Ostrich Man Micah BlackLight
tall DJ lady Micah BlackLight
Reaper Symbolique Micah BlackLight
Griffon Suit Micah BlackLight
Profile Portal Micah BlackLight
Enlightened Afro Black Micah Blacklight
Face Helmet MicahBlackLight
PATREON Micah BlackLight

I think we should keep in touch.  

Reach out to me with questions, commissions, and for more information.