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I’ve written my first novel, Cult of the Serpentari, an illustrated erotic fantasy like nothing you’ve ever read before. [ I guarantee it]
(and by illustrated, I do NOT mean a graphic novel.. I mean illustrated– SWEET huh?)
“An intoxicating, innovative, deliciously sexy, illustrated erotic serial.”

Point 1: Ellora’s Cave released this novel serial style, beginning in October of 2014; one chapter every Friday at 99¢ apiece until all 24 chapters had been presented. As of May 20th, 2015, all 24 chapters have been collected into a three-part eBook. [HELL YES!]

Point 2 [*Important]: If you’re not already equipped to read digital books, you”ll need to download an eReader of some kind. Click HERE to get a free eReader for whatever device you want to use.

Point 3 [* SUPER Important]:  I have elected to save you the trouble of trying to find the parts yourselves on the site. I have listed each collection and the corresponding link below. This way you can come here, click the link for the chunk you want, go there and buy it immediately without the hassle.
Point 3.5:* Amazon has a free Kindle app that you can use even if you don’t have a kindle. It’s actually better because the illustrations for this book are in color, and if you have the app, but not an actual kindle, you get to see them in color. I couldn’t post a direct link to this because they send it to your email individually. Go to the chapter link and there’ll be a box very close that points you to the kindle app. This way if you’ve already got an Amazon account, you can go someplace familiar. 

As a last bit of INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL news, I’ve also received confirmation that the publisher WILL be proceeding with the print books. Late summer 2015 is what they’re shooting for as of now. I will MOST ASSUREDLY keep you posted on THAT development. Stay tuned.

PS: If you already know you’re going to want a print copy, shoot me an email at and I’ll add you to my list of pre-order folks. As SOON as they give me clearance, I’ll hit everyone on that list, set up a paypal payment, and the second the books come in, I’ll sign em, and ship em out to everybody who signed up.

PART I [chap 1-8]– Amazon             PART I [chap 1-8]– Ellora’s Cave
PART II [chap 9-16]– Amazon             PART II [chap 9-16]– Ellora’s Cave
PART III [chap 17-24]– Amazon             PART III [chap 17-24]– Ellora’s Cave

That should do it! I may very well be adding pages showcasing some of the artwork, giving a few excerpts, and that kind of thing. Keep checking back if you’re curious. Either way, ENJOY YOUR READING and know that I APPRECIATE THE HEAVEN OUT OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. Seriously

**Sales note: Just to be clear, most everything else for sale on my site is directly through ME, but this book is through the publisher. Just in case you find yourself wondering why you can’t put a chapter in your cart here. Aside from that, go JUMP into one of the realms I’ve FINALLY gotten out of my head and into the woooorld!

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